amazing school and community

Our family had the most amazing experience at Mayflower Preschool. Both our sons attended this darling program starting as young as 2 years old. The teachers are energetic, dedicated and organized. The staff and director are beyond welcoming and kind; you feel you can go to them with anything.
The school offers all sorts of different activities including music days (huge hit!), arts and crafts, sports program, amazing field trips, holiday parties/performances, and most importantly Mayflower Preschool allowed our children to be little... explore/play making wonderful friends along with the way.
The playground will be hard to beat moving forward; our boys loved the awesome little bike path. I can't say enough about what a great fit this school was for our family. They welcomed us with open arms and kept our children happy and safe. It was an honor to be a part of the Mayflower community; we'll cherish all the memories and friends made. 


The Centanni Family


you are doing a great job!


Mayflower Preschool has played a very important role in my children’s lives academically and socially. The foundation the teachers and Director provide the children with is something you don’t find just anywhere. I have a daughter who attended Mayflower for two years and is now in Kindergarten. My son who is three years old is now currently attending.

Both of my children have severe peanut allergies and all the Mayflower Staff has been very sensitive and accommodating to their needs. I can honestly say that when you leave your child you feel good knowing your child is safe and in the best care. Being an educator myself, I have seen what is taught at Mayflower and I am very impressed. They display different ways in how to teach math, science, reading readiness, art, music and physical education.


My family is grateful to have such wonderful people in our children’s lives.


Renee Baker


wow… where do I begin…


I am the mother of 4, 3 of my children are young adults and all had great youth and toddler years without any medical issues. I am now blessed to have Zachary my 4 year old who is a student at Mayflower. I am blessed that Zachary is in this world I have been told that many children with seizures like he had in his first 3 years don’t survive.


I needed to return to work and any parent reading this knows how hard it is to leave your child with someone you don’t know even when they don’t have medical issues. Zachary has now been seizure free for coming up on 3 years and has been a student at mayflower for 2 of those years. Zachary has a 50%

Gross Motor Delay, 48% Speech Delay, 28% Fine Motor Delay.


I was turned away by other local schools due to his seizures, risks associated with seizures, and his delays described above.


The entire Mayflower Staff welcomed me with open arms…. Not only did they do that they keep in constant communication with me regarding Zachary..what they see him improving on…. what skills or developments they

are concerned he is not picking up on…


As I share this with you tears flow because I am FOREVER indebted to Vilma and EVERY member of the Mayflower Staff. If you are considering Mayflower for your child feel free to ask for my contact information I am more than willing to share specific additional information as I didn’t want to be too lengthy.


Laura Herzog


Words will never do justice for the gratitude I feel...


People often say the scariest or saddest day is the day you drop your first child at preschool, but three years ago when I dropped my oldest child off at Mayflower I felt a strange calm. As I closed the front gate behind me and entered to drop off my daughter (and a few months later both my daughters), I was greeted with smiles and realized it was the calm of being part of the family. Teachers knew my daughters and took the time to know me and even after they moved up to the next room still genuinely cared about their well-being. Along the way there were tears and scraped knees and spilt paint and backwards letters, but what I saw most was smiles. They learned to love school because of all the staff at Mayflower. Your patience with Quinn and her need to be perfect at things the first time and your patience with Bailey and her overwhelming shyness showed me how you cared for each child individually. They both grew in their own way and were allowed and encouraged to be themselves.


At the end of the day, they were always excited to see me and tell me what they did or the letter, shape, color, and number of the week, but at the beginning of the day they were equally as excited to go see you. I wish I had recorded their squeals of excitement when I told them it was Mayflower day.


Words will never do justice for the gratitude I feel for what you did to help my daughters in their earliest years, but thank you and I feel so lucky to be part of the Mayflower family. I wish I could have stayed much longer or the time didn’t go so quickly, but thank you for the memories and as stated, thank you for

helping my daughters grow academically, emotionally, and socially, and for doing it with warm smile, a compassionate heart, and a sense of humor.



Natalie Boyle




My baby is a big girl today. Please take good care of her and hold her if she cries. She is ready to make friends and learn new things. I am not ready for her to go. As I leave her and go to the car I wonder how her day will go. For a few hours my heart cries and I can’t stop thinking of how she is. When I come back to get her she has a smile on her face. Her teachers tell me how much fun she had. Now my big girl asks everyday to go to school. She loves her teachers and all her friends. I love to see all the exciting things she is doing at Mayflower. Everything is sprinkled with a touch of care and tenderness. How could I ever ask for anything more than to take care of my precious child. My baby girl has gone to Mayflower now for two years. She has made many friends and learned so much. It is now time for her to move on to elementary school.


So Mayflower I am here again asking you to take care of my precious child, my son. He is a big boy now and ready to make that journey with you. Everyone at Mayflower has such a special heart for all the little souls that are kept there. I look forward to my big boy having many adventures with you. When he comes to school and I leave him in your hands I know in my heart he will be well cared for and have wonderful experiences.


Thank you Mayflower for helping my children grow,


Sherri Vadkerti

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