Our teachers prepare the environment with stimulating activities for the children to learn, develop, and grow while providing each child with the tools they need to succeed. Each classroom is stocked with fun, educational materials varied to reflect classroom themes while challenging the children’s development and interests. As the year progresses our daily curriculum provides children opportunity to naturally develop and an emphasis on reaching their educational goals coupled with fun physical activity for exploration and an aesthetically pleasing environment created and inspired by the artwork of your child.





Value is placed on close interaction between home and school. Working together, we can maximize every child’s learning potential. Parent Teacher communication is vital therefore teachers send monthly newsletters along with daily and weekly postings. Parent conferences are offered each year to share staff observations on each child’s growth and development. Most importantly our preschool's primary goal is to help parents encourage their children’s creativeness, exploration, discovery and lifelong love of learning in the safe nurturing environment.





Our philosophy is to instill a lifelong love of learning by providing a safe, nurturing environment with fun and developmentally appropriate educational activities. Children learn best through interactive play in an atmosphere of love, warmth, acceptance and understanding. Mayflower Preschool shares universal values and is non-sectarian. Children of all races, nationalities, ethnic origins, personal and religious preferences are welcome. Our school sustains stability for the child by adhering to a schedule of daily activities and monthly thematic curriculum.


Our philosophy is a balance between self selection & teacher direction. Self selection through activity, cognitive development, creativity, and social / emotional awareness builds independence and responsibility in decision making. Our children are allowed to move about freely allowing them to make personal choices and to generate individual contacts and explore interests. Teacher directed activities help produce developmental gains and communication skills.



Physical readiness through activity includes both large and fine motor skills coupled with muscle development. Our playground includes climbing apparatus, grass area for physical activity as well as sandboxes, playhouses, gardens, and sensory tables for developmental exploration. The daily curriculum is comprehensive and includes activities to address the physical, emotional, social, creative, and cognitive self.


Cognitive or Intellectual (Academic) development of all preschoolers will help them gain essential skills for interaction. Talking, reading, and playing help young children develop longer attention spans, larger vocabularies, and proper social interactions as well as foster creativity, imagination, and problem solving. Children are exposed to an array of learning readiness activities such as games for matching, sorting and size discrimination. Handwriting, identification of letters and numbers, science and math concepts, cooking, and literature are part of the regular daily curriculum.



We cover creative areas of self expression using art materials, music and self expression in play and applied in thought. Creative movement, music, and drama enrich the classroom. Teachers encouraging children to express themselves through a variety of art media will continually beautify their classrooms with the crafts created by your children.


We build social awareness through communication skills, empathy, and kindness to cultures of others. Your children will learn to enjoy work and also value their teachers along with their peers. Our goal is to provide a rich and joyous learning environment that will stimulate your children's minds along with nurturing their souls. Emotional awareness is sustained through preparation of self control, discipline and self esteem. Staff members are consistent in the style of discipline, aiming to foster self-control and self-esteem in the child, to help them identify feelings, and to communicate verbally as a primary coping mechanism. Here at Mayflower, you will be amazed at how peaceful, happy and busy your children are activities help produce developmental gains and communication skills.





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